Can’t Hide From Reality

Spoken to all the Trumpies out there: “Close your eyes under discreet warmth of your covers. The monster under your bed still knows where you are. Sorry ’bout that.”

Trump and his sad ilk despise facts, but choke on them, they will. As might we all.

We collected decades and decades of data that showed our time to slow, if not stop the coming global climate crisis to be dangerously finite. The clock showed us that our time was just about up. But, we didn’t pay attention. Maybe more like we paid attention and laughed it off thinking that it “won’t touch me.” FOX News says so, right?

Well, we’re all touched. And, Trump is here to lend a helping hand. To hold you under water as you struggle to breathe. He’s gutted and dismantled the Environmental Protection Agency. I could go on and on about it, but, it’s been done. And that “done” is updated in real time, courtesy National Geographic. Read this and KNOW IT. There WILL be a test before you getcha dinner:

What we have to look forward to isn’t Trump’s fault. At least, not all his fault. We’ve been gunning the engine and screaming out the gaping window at full speed head on into the oncoming brick wall for a hundred years. Trump just happens to be the world’s leader right when we all have to FIGHT to the death to survive.

Bummer that, because Trump is the antithesis of a hero. The polar opposite of responsible. What this coward is guilty of over all else is lying about the coming wave that is about to drown all of us so his overlords can milk our turnip for its last drop of blood and gold.

Well, drown all of us except the insanely rich, who probably have a space station set up for them so they can watch us all die from above.

Like Gods.

Angry Gods WP

Proving that God(s) are indeed an angry God(s). Here are four scholarly articles describing some of the natural disasters that are on the way. Crises that Trump and FOX News won’t be allowing anyone to really hear all that much about. Let alone know any truth behind.

First, something close to home. I used to do water research with a Ichthyologist pretty well known to the researchers involved in this study of our country’s water supply. It’s hard to imagine our American water supply in jeopardy. South Africa is months away from actually running out of potable, running water. It will be the first great water crisis in modern human history and will give us a preview of what is soon to come to the U.S..

Our water supply here in the U.S. is in peril, but the thing about global climate change is that it’s GLOBAL. The danger to human populations won’t be regional.

Staying in the water, but seeing another crisis coming. One you wouldn’t know about were it not for very dedicated scientists. When seagrass goes, the entire ecosystem of the ocean — already in grave peril — falls off the edge.

There will be food shortages coming. Failed crops and entire geographies that were one fertile drying up and becoming barren. This is a a study done on the sociology (psychology of the masses) of food shortage. What is around the corner for human evolution as suffering becomes a part of everyday life.

It’s good to know what kinds of real-life effects on humanity that our corporate titans have unleashed upon us for their enrichment.

Global climate change is very real.

And yet, there is still hope.



About dmusedamerica

I have done a metric ass-ton of things through my personal and professional trek across my nows and thens. I've worked in politics in more than a couple handfuls of US Senate and Congressional districts across the country. I'm a domestic wonk out the box. Through my work in the electoral mafia, I've lived many a parallel career. I tendered outright in 2006, but that's a story inside a story within a tale for none other time or other. For a lot of my years trench-side, I was fortunate to be able to work parallel in a managerial capacity for creatives. Now, I am able to have come out the closet, so to speak. I'm able to be managed instead of owning the wheel. For the first time in my life, I am blessed to let others manage my trip steps and bounds through the briar patch of publishing. Now, Steven D'Mused can harvest his own creative bounty. It's a good day. I journal here at Magnana Mouse to help my old friend John; to share my experience in and knowledge of the dark web of US political electioneering. This is a place for my activist self to write at a podium near the metaphorical ballot box. Hope I am able to add a valuable voice to Magnana Mouse. Thanks for reading and thanks for CARING to read into the truth. Let reality reign and joy flow. Get out the vote, no matter how you do it. Just do it. Fight for your right to party, my brothas and sistas. No rules in street fighting. Blood and balls. There is only winning and dying anymore. WIN.
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2 Responses to Can’t Hide From Reality

  1. Diz says:

    Comprehensive! The water shortage has been a thing for years. No one will talk about the violence and mass exodus in search of water, that exists around the world in particular areas. When it hits us, then we’ll pay attention maybe … just so weird that as we try to hang on to the earth that houses us we have big men with tiny minds killing animals for sport, animals that are sure to become extinct.

  2. Diz says:

    My concern is that those with seeking minds, critical thinking, the highly educated – wise people will all be relegated to begging roles in society while the foolish and greedy will rule the world. Then, in fact, we will have much to worry about as we are almost there now.

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