Anatomy of Treason

One must be careful when using the word “treason.”  Article III Section 3 of our constitution defines it as adhering to U.S. enemies, giving them aid and comfort.  Our constitution gives our legislature the power to make laws defining and punishing treason.  Congress did just that.  The  Alien and Sedition Acts and the Espionage Act.

People in America and all over the globe imagine with hope and awe the day that someone will come and administer sweet justice.

Trump Arrested

But, fun fantasies aside, we dare not think about this until Mueller presents.

And one must be careful when using the term “traitor” in the true meaning of the word, because often those who cling to dogma have ‘dumbed down’ this word  as if just a mere,  rhetorical insult.

“You’re a traitor for criticizing the idiot president.”

Treason is a thing, though.  When we are at war, especially.  We have been attacked by a foreign power and the  federal agent tasked with part of  investigating this crime into potential U.S. citizen-cohorts,  has waged war against him,  waging war against the United States.  Those people perpetrating was and means to stop this investigation have already committed treason to the letter of the law.

To the letter of the U.S. Constitution.

So, we have that.  Now, who would be responsible for this actual treason?  The easy answer is the guy who went on an MSNBC show this morning and blurted it out like an expletive that they couldn’t bleep out in time.  I won’t repeat the blurter’s name, but, Mueller will, to be sure.

That scumbag is far from the only person responsible for putting lives in danger.

This behavior is a replica of  the collective criminal activity associated with each twist and turn along the trump roller coaster route,  the back-roads they never dreamed anyone would discover.

As in the days of Al Capone, at this moment there is a campaign to take down the Special Counsel being run from the halls of a cubicle army in R.W U.S. think tanks.

I could list a handful of the usual suspects  associated with this war theater, but, I would prefer to point you in the direction of identifying these specific tanks where they exist.  Know that there are analysts hard at work creating these dark-propaganda game-scapes right here at home.

Proving the Russians spied and having them spill the beans lays the foundation for bringing charges against their counterparts.  Paul Manafort, for example, is going to need a third ankle pretty soon to accommodate another bracelet.

To draw a map of the players in this grid,  sashay down a search engine results page for the subject.  In this case, I searched for  “who unmasked the FBI informant’s identity?”

Instantly, you can see beneath the rock from which this P.R. campaign slithered.

Anatomy of Treason 1 WP

The campaign uses Right Wing magazines “the Washington Examiner”
and “the Intercept” to send out dog-whistle-bat-signals to the herd to get their fairy-tale out.  Infecting as many minds as possible through their propagandist, political snuff-porn repositories like Breitbart, Red State, for example is another source to  observe them use their rapidly manufactured playbook.

Like you saw above, the initial press release is distributed through a loyalist ideologue magazine.  In this case, the Washington Examiner.

Anatomy of Treason 2 WP.jpg

Immediately, this article is fed to various media aggregators that saturate search algorithms with data feigning a “trending flag.”

Anatomy of Treason 3 WP

Once in aggregate, a precise list of media outlets in the pocket of the right (think a lot of Sinclair-type setups) start publishing stories mirroring the original release.  Again, in this case, the Ultra-right wing Washington Examiner.

Anatomy of Treason 4 WP

Breitbart News and the Intercept (from above) are examples of this sub-class of magazines in this category.  Along that line, the social media groups around these publications then take it viral in personal essay and commentary RW fart clouds.

Anatomy of Treason 5 WP

This class of amateur analysts pound the campaign into a meme.  Not shown here are other examples, like 4-Chan and Little Green Footballs.  Places where pretty willfully ignorant INCEL-types congregate to spread lies  and plot hate crimes, race wars, and revolutions.

This creates a grassroots tinder that FOX News then picks up.

Talking heads like pretend “judge” Jeanine Pirro and Sean Hannity then scream these campaign memes to the vulnerable.  By morning, FOX and Friends broadcasts it directly into 45’s little, dried-up brain although lately there have been reports that trump and Hannity talk before bedtime every night.

So ask yourself, who exactly gets the longest sentence for their part in this treason?


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Magnana Mouse is a state of mind. Magnana Mouse is the Resistance. Citizen Media. World peace is a thing we will achieve person-to-person across the planet. Truth is like that. Person to person. Truth is a thing. It is all of our responsibility to foster it's regrowth. Primary source only has one higher. So to speak. Haleakala. #RESIST
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