EDIT 4/28

Follow through and read about the history of this MASS NATIONWIDE DEMONSTRATION at every ICE Detention Center in the United States.  This latest graphic lets you know how to find the event nearest YOU.  Please join us!!

Detention Center Protest 14 WP

Find the protest nearest you.  Connect! –>

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming, LOL.  It’s the story and Twitter Screen Grabs of the activist who planed this and had Trump’s Secret Service questioning him at his home.  Did I mention that as they were interrogating him, they were in the process of demanding that Twitter delete his account.  It’s a power-story you’ll get a kick out of.  But, make sure to go to the link above first and find YOUR demonstration!


The second that American Agents of ICE started kidnapping children from their mothers and throwing them in internment camps, activists have been hard at work.  The fruits of this labor were hard fought and EPIC.  On June 30th endless thousands of Americans will be protesting every ICE concentration camp all across America.  All the information and links you’ll need are in the images below.

Why was this hard fought, already?  The story is included below, too, but suffice to say that U.S. Secret Service did all they could do to try make this not happen.


Detention Center Protest 00 WP


Detention Center Protest 01 WP


Detention Center Protest 02 WP

Sit tight.  The link for all of these is soon come.


Detention Center Protest 03 WP


Detention Center Protest 05 WP


Detention Center Protest 06 WP

OK, the link is in the image, but here it is, straight from ICE:


Detention Center Protest 07 WP


Detention Center Protest 08 WP


Detention Center Protest 09 WP

Here’s that link:



Detention Center Protest 10 WP

Detention Center Protest 11 WP


Detention Center Protest 12 WP


Detention Center Protest 13 WP

Here’s that link.  Really crazy story.


So, June 30th.  Pics, and VIDEO!!



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I have done a metric ass-ton of things through my personal and professional trek across my nows and thens. I've worked in politics in more than a couple handfuls of US Senate and Congressional districts across the country. I'm a domestic wonk out the box. Through my work in the electoral mafia, I've lived many a parallel career. I tendered outright in 2006, but that's a story inside a story within a tale for none other time or other. For a lot of my years trench-side, I was fortunate to be able to work parallel in a managerial capacity for creatives. Now, I am able to have come out the closet, so to speak. I'm able to be managed instead of owning the wheel. For the first time in my life, I am blessed to let others manage my trip steps and bounds through the briar patch of publishing. Now, Steven D'Mused can harvest his own creative bounty. It's a good day. I journal here at Magnana Mouse to help my old friend John; to share my experience in and knowledge of the dark web of US political electioneering. This is a place for my activist self to write at a podium near the metaphorical ballot box. Hope I am able to add a valuable voice to Magnana Mouse. Thanks for reading and thanks for CARING to read into the truth. Let reality reign and joy flow. Get out the vote, no matter how you do it. Just do it. Fight for your right to party, my brothas and sistas. No rules in street fighting. Blood and balls. There is only winning and dying anymore. WIN.
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