Liberals: Winter is Here. War is Now.

Justice Pirro WP.jpg

You’ve heard that Justice Kennedy just announced his retirement from the Supreme court.

The Hill  –>

What does it mean?

Democrats are going to have to play as dirty as any family has ever fought to protect its children when their home is being robbed at gunpoint.  Rules and traditions and ethics and mercy are all out the window.  Or, they better be.

This is war.  There can be no vote for another Trump fringe-right Supreme Court nominee.  Not before Trump is removed along with the unconstitutional first Supreme Court appointment, Kneel Gorsuch.

There is nothing else going on in the world aside from this until it is a battle LIBERALS have won.  If you don’t completely understand why this is a hill worth dying on — quite literally — please read everything you find on this.  Thoroughly.  Find good sourcing.  Here is one of those sources:

Democrats sat out the 2014 midterms and lost the Supreme Court for a generation
VOX News –>


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1 Response to Liberals: Winter is Here. War is Now.

  1. johnnysdoe says:

    Reblogged this on J.S.D. For America and commented:

    Alright, you’re going to be reading about what aftershocks may come from this non-stop for the next couple days. I just wrote this to say a couple words about what next.

    A concise overview. I work as a colonel on the front lines. I don’t get to play analyst calling plays. I help lieutenants be prepped to deliver orders to their infantry. I have a job that not many people even know exists.

    Thing about it is that the plays I call are encrypted, so to speak. I can talk of confidence in how it will all play if operated flawlessly, but chiefs of staff don’t always choose to flow with the stream they’re set on. So, you’ll hear about the plays and the victories as our friends in the Media do 🙂

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