Feckless Trump Goes Fashion Up

Feckless Trump Shutters Fashion Line WP Preview

Ivanka Trump (aka. the feckless c#nt) just had to admit her soiled failure running her favorite emolument.  The lil’ feckless one was just forced to shutter her fashion brand.

BBC  –>  https://www.bbc.com/news/business-44944124

Why?  If you are still suckered into believing anything out of the mouth of a trump, you’ll believe Ivanka when she says that her product lines are all wildly successful and loved.  Very successful.  She regrets having to focus on the children, or some BS.

Or, you could have one eye still on fact and reason and be laughing at how easily it is for this spawn to lie right into the eyes of the world.  See, Nordstrom, Gilt, ShopStyle, Jet, Belk, Shoes.com, and Neiman Marcus all dropped Ivanka’s garbage like it was covered in feces and on fire.  Which it kind of is.

Business Insider  –>  https://www.businessinsider.com/companies-that-dropped-ivanka-trump-2017-2

The only place you can find her garbage now is at Good Will.  Sources say that even the Salvation Army Outlet Stores won’t carry her stuff, because strangely, it smells like desperation and loss.

The Shuttering also had some fun timing to help determine its cause.  Did you know that this is kind of Illegitimate President’s big “Made in America” week?

Nazi Trump Against Citizen Media WP.jpg

It doesn’t do any of them a bit of good that the reason all those stores dropped Ivanka in the first place is because she uses 100% child labor.  In sweatshops.  In developing nations around the world.

The Guardian  –>   https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jun/13/revealed-reality-of-a-life-working-in-an-ivanka-trump-clothing-factory

Don’t cry for her.  It wasn’t going to be possible to run that thing from a SuperMax cell, anyway.


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