To Keep the Troops Blood-hungry

Trump meandered onto Air Force one — late as usual.  All of his staff were already buckled in, per U.S. regulations, of course.  He fumed a bit out of his nostrils, vowing never to click-it for Obama.

But what sent him off the edge was seeing his poor wife getting comfortable in an Isle 3 bed of lush pillows, watching CNN.

Uh oh.  Big no no.  Trump demands blind allegiance.  And, by blind, he means you SEE NO EVIL.  There can be no room for thought exercises.  There can be ONLY state-propaganda blaring on the speakers, like we do to the North Koreans at the DMZ walls in Korea.  In order to make this so, leaked e-mail shows that not only has trump demanded that ONLY FOX state-run media shall be played on Air Force One as he boards.

Mad Melania Watching FOX Toilet WP.jpg

He spun out and blew a fuse when he walked in front of Melania, and she was watching CNN.

The Daily Beast  –>

You keep your troops hyper-loyal and make them think that ANY news reported that dares contradict trump’s mobster version of reality is NOT TO BE HEARD.  Least of all in his presence.

And, damned if his own wife gets to listen to the world talk about how small and flaccid his pecker is.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.  He just needs EVERYONE hearing ONLY about how his electoral college made best inauguration crowd no collusion, and et ceteras.  If he just forces everyone to believe, he won’t get the jails, right?

Uh huh.  Let’s see how that works out for you, Traitor.

Trump Arrested by FBI WP


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1 Response to To Keep the Troops Blood-hungry

  1. johnnysdoe says:

    I know the article is about trump and his desperately controlling efforts to prevent his daughter-wife’s stepmother and his staff on Air-force One from seeing any news outside of FOX. Nice job, BTW. But, you ended with the great art of the diapered one being arrested by the FBI. Nice, BTW.

    Anyway, I go there. After yesterday’s news concerning Allen Weisselberg spilling his bean soup to Mueller, I think that trump will indeed be indicted as a sitting illegitimate President.

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