Trump Rides President Obama’s Economic Wave


Our illegitimate “president” trump is tooting his little horn as if he just saved the U.S. economy from his own IDIOT trade war.

And from . . . the black President who always outshines him.

Moron.  President Obama miraculously saved America from falling into a DEPRESSION that was caused by Trump and the Republicans are doing now.  Their DEREGULATION of the banking industry.  A massive quid pro quo right in our ekye.  An invitation to come in our house at night and have our daughters.

When the bill comes due for the MASSIVE tax cuts we just let Trump give the SUPER-RICH assholes who were already not paying any taxes.

This isn’t commanding an economy to better America and Americans.  To find that, you just have to remember back a couple years ago when we had an actual President.  When we had a LEADER who could pull us from danger and guide us to . . . Trump to wreck it all.  Remember:

OBAMA GDP Recovery Miracle WP.jpg

The economy has been on an 8-year long RECOVERY and this incompetent half-witted Klan leader has tagged along and tried to take credit for it.  Says he has.

Dateline (NBC)  –>

His claiming credit for President Obama’s hard work and brilliance is just SAD and shameful.  Like when his daughter-wife’s stepmother plagiarized three of Michelle Obama’s speeches.  Just SAD and really pathetic.

The thing is, the reaction to all of Trump’s actions won’t be felt right away.  But, they WILL be felt.  It is going to be BAD.  We all have the opportunity to pull a total 180 and maybe just save this nation from failing to a neo-Soviet empire.

Everyone must vote!  Remember what is likely the most important bit of REALITY that we all have to think about in November.  The Economy, stupid.  Our Economy appears strong right now because the oligarchs of America were just given $2 Trillion to buy yachts with.  That is a rubber band that is going to smack us right in the eye.

We MUST elect DEMOCRATS to the House and the Senate in November.  It is the wisdom and the restraint of the Democratic tide that holds this nation’s economy aloft.

Economist’s View  –>

Dem v Rep GDP Growth WP

Get out the vote like you have never ever gotten out the vote before.  Vote a STRAIGHT BLUE ticket. 

Verify that you are registered to vote.  Republicans are purging voter rolls all over the country, so between them and Russians, don’t assume anything!  It only takes 30 seconds to check!
Head Count  –>

Register others to vote!
Rock the vote  –>

Volunteer to help others vote on November 6th.
Carpool Vote  –>

Volunteer to work at the polls!
U.S. Election Assistance Commission  –>

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