Kavanaugh’s Really Not Great Day

So, your breaking news is that Cory Booker and others dared Trump’s Reich to try kicking them out of Senate.  For releasing “confidential docs” that they don’t want the public seeing about things Brett Kavanaugh said. (after Cory released the doc to the public, it was mysteriously re-“classified” as “just some regular doc, oops, sorry about that.”

Lost in that drama soup, if you were paying close attention, you’d have heard Kavanaugh  say that Paul Manafort should be sentenced lightly because he wasn’t convicted of all of the accusations he was charged with?

Free Manifort 1

Free Manifort 2

Next in line at the gallows was Patrick Leahy.  He tore the cardboard man in the brown shirt asunder.

Kavanaugh slipped and let loose on his desire to overturn Roe vs. Wade. He then forcefully evaded answering whether or not he agreed with his written admission that he doesn’t think Trump can even be INVESTIGATED.

Leahy to Kavanaugh 1

Leahy to Kavanaugh 2

Leahy to Kavanaugh 3

And, never leave Lindsey out.  He just made matters worse for both Kavanaugh and himself.  Slapping around his wee-weight class, he forcined the Trump-judge candidate into a really dark anti-woman corner.

Lindsey Sucks off Kavanaugh1.jpg


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