Voter Suppression in Full Swing

Trump's NC Unit WP

This breaking story is out of North Carolina, so I’ll let the Raleigh News & Observer tell it primary, like.  Props to my connect at Facebook’s Get Out the Vote Page, who brought us the hook up from behind Tarheel liness.

ICE Demands ‘exhaustive’ Voting Records From North Carolina (News Observer –>

Donald will try to couch this as being some emergency measure necessary to snuff out all the “illegals” who voted in North Carolina.  “All them wetback illegal rapists” who rigged his election there. Because, how else would ha have won by 5 percentage points?

Like his “Tax Cuts” bill — It has as much to do with the Republican Party as it does Donald. This chapter of the trump administration’s snuff porn autobiography was meant to do ONE thing and ONE THING ONLY. It’s an attempt to SUPPRESS THE VOTE.

Trump is trying to scare NATURALIZED U.S. CITIZENS away from voting. This is no idle threat and no what if. These naturalized American Citizens are rightfully scared and its effects alreay being felt.

It’s important to fully grasp that if groups of ppl become fearful of participating in any of it at all, it becomes a sociological learned behavior that doesn’t get un-learned.

The Republicans want to negate that pesky “rapist wetback” problem they’re having. If you think this is something 45 is sponsoring all by his widdle baby self, you’re operating in a dimension or two less than you need to see what’s going on. The REPUBLICAN PARTY is not going to try stopping this in a million years. This is like “tax cuts for m’ rich daddies” to


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