Putin’s Favorite Honey Pot Sucked Drier

Facebook Hacked Again WP Preview

The news shouldn’t surprise you: Facebook was hacked again. Your personal data may have AGAIN been stolen by Russian / Republican / Israeli hackers. If you’re one of the 50 million Americans who were added to their list of suckers. I mean, victims. Whatever.

NBC News –> https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/facebook-says-security-flaw-50-million-accounts-let-hackers-take-n914821

That it was leaked to NBC that it happened prompted Facebook to send this notice into our news feeds today:


Facebook Hacked Again Their Notice WP.jpg

I know it’s going to be hard to shed Facebook. It was a lot easier to give MySpace the axe. They got blingy; started being repped by kind of nasty ppl like Tila Tequila; and were bought out by Fox’s parent company, News Corp.

Facebook is a little different. Pretty much everyone on the planet has an account. It’s just about as ubiquitous as Ma Bell was back in the day. And, we got all of our parents on it. They’re not as affected by the “shit ain’t hip no mo” factor. However, if you are willing to rip the scab off, give some of the options some consideration. Sites not partnered with Russian intelligence. I’m beta-testing one of them, but, I’ going to add to it, because this is one disease that can actually be cured!

8 Best Facebook Alternatives With Focus On Privacy For 2018

Fosssbytes –> https://fossbytes.com/best-facebook-alternatives/

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1 Response to Putin’s Favorite Honey Pot Sucked Drier

  1. Reblogged this on D'Mused America – Steve's Unchained and commented:

    Hacked again. Your credit card is probably paying for some Russian kid’s porn chat sessions with his North Korean hottie. In all seriousness, start thinking about spreading your wings and flying to a steadier tree. Facebook is a minefield, and nothing about their network inspires a bit of confidence. There’s an article linked in here with a list of the top 8 alternatives. Give them a bit of thought. Consider creating profiles and testing a couple of them out.

    Facebook is DEFINITELY not our friend. Not in any way.

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