TrumpCare Spam Con Commences

This was in my SPAM folder this morning.  The Trump Republican Reich hasn’t murdered the Affordable Care Act, and already they have unleashed the vultures to bleed it dry.

To bleed ALL Americans dry:

TrumpCare BS Mail.jpg

Of, course, I had to take a look at Trump’s Privatized Medicaid had for my parents.  I was greeted by their mission statement and an invitation for me to give them my personally identifying contact information:

Trump Care Medicare Mission

The Healthcare landscape has been rapidly changing under the Trump administration, with his collective policy updates often being referred to as Trumpcare. For example, tax penalties instilled under previous regulation have been rolled back, along with the reveal of the “American Patients First” plan which aims to lower prescription drug prices for consumers. Under these revisions, seniors are expected to have more freedom in choosing their coverage. Our goal is to help demystify the confusing landscape of Medicare plans and help match you with a plan that best fits your needs and budget.

So, Trump’s Medicaid is an opening for private insurers to solicit consumers to purchase private insurance plans.  Yeah, sure.  That’s Medicare.  That’s a social safety net.  Our parents are in good hands.

Trump’s Medicare Healthcare plan advertised a phone Number to call with questions.  I recommend that everyone call it.  From a work phone.  Maybe a burner?  Someplace they can’t put you on a SPAM solicitation list, because you know that this Administration operates within this ideology of social and economic anarchy.

TrumpCare BS Phone

Please leave comments about your exploits with their customer service.  Oh, if you would like to spend time on the TrumpCare Medicare website, I present:

TrumpCare  –>

Be careful what personally identifiable information you give them.  If you use a TOR browser, it would be best to use it when going to this site.  Always assume that webmasters on this administration are working from an office in the Kremlin.

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  1. johnnysdoe says:

    Reblogged this on J.S.D. For America and commented:

    TrumpCare. More fraud from Trump and his con artist cohorts. There’s a telephone # included. Call and grill them. Leave comments with your experience doing it.

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