Welcome to the Next 35 Years

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Susan just announced that she was a YES for Kavanaugh making it a 5-4 EXTREMIST RIGHT SUPREME COURT.  In an hour-long speech on the U.S. Senate floor, she tried to justify her decision to the women she just let down.  Every word came across as a plea for all of the women on the edge of their chairs NOT to stand up and walk away from her.

Didn’t work.  And, just like that, a yet-to-be-determined Democratic challenger to Collins in 2020 just received millions of dollars in grassroots campaign contributions.

The Hill  –>  https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/406812-crowdfunding-campaign-raises-13m-for-collins-to-vote-against-kavanaugh

Joe Manchin, bookend Democrat in West Virginia, was in favor of Kavanaugh.  He’s a socially conservative Southern Democrat.  Had Collins voted NO, he would not let women down by being the person who cast the deciding vote to put him on the Supreme Court.  But, Collins voted yes.  How he chose to vote would be neither here nor there.

It allowed him to vote in support of Kavanaugh.    The pro-Kavanaugh vote will likely ensure he keeps his seat  in the upcoming Midterm.  This confirmation of Kavanaugh will hurt the people of the United States for decades.

That said, the chances of the Democrats taking back the Senate in a month just spiked.

A whole lot of congressional investigations will begin on Nov. 7th.

Further, 2020 just got VERY ugly for the Trump-Putin-Repubican party.  Trump is toast  He’ll be impeached by the House.  And, should he somehow steal the election, as many believe he and Russia will try to do, there will likely be a super-majority of Democrats in Senate.  There is a good chance that:

  1.  Both Kavanaugh an Clarence Thomas will be impeached.
  2.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire and be replaced.
  3.  A Democratic President will replace all three with center-left judges.
  4.  The days of Republican Gerrymandering and mass-suppression and mass incarceration in private prisons will come to an en.
  5.  Congress will likely add two more judges to the Supreme Court and establish term limits on the position.  Likely 9-yr terms.

When the dust settles in 2021, there will be an 11-member court 8-3 Liberal.  There will be a Democratic super-majority in both the U.S. House and Senate.  On top of it all, there will be a DEMOCRAT in the Oval Office.  We will be DEEP in the process of undoing all of the damage that Trump and the Republican party have done to us.

We will be hard at work desperately trying to save the waning future of the planet.

We will be very busy reorganizing Healthcare, housing, and public education; fixing our crumbling infrastructure; saving all of the institutions that have been left bleeding on the floor after metaphorical gang rapes by the Trump-cult; and actually draining that swamp.

We WILL earn back our friendship an partnership with the world.

Today is the day we begin a REAL Revolution.

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2 Responses to Welcome to the Next 35 Years

  1. Notice, if you will, that Collins and McTurtle positioned two random middle aged white women who are not in the Senate and have NOTHING to do with any of this right behind Collins in the video of her announcement. They’re there to make it appear as if women are “behind her” and support her. That this wasn’t all her cow-towing in collusion with a bunch of old misogynist white men.

    Callous. Predictable. Collins is done for.

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