Blames it on the Rain [Obama Photo Tribute]

Donald Trump shows the world yet again how classless he is.  And, by extension, how classless we all are, as his subjects.  Willingly or not.  Today, our illegitimate President refused to stand with the rest of our allies’ leaders as they honored all of our fallen heroes.  It was sprinkling on the solemn Aisne Marne American Cemetery that marks the  ferocious Battle of Belleau Wood.

Donald and Melania were rightfully worried that they could get whetted.  Mussed.  So, they threw in a DVR of Hannity re-runs and lounged out on Air Force One.  Here’s a couple photos proof positive that any President in their right mind would cower at the first sign of raindrops.  This is President Obama cowering from scary rain.

The Hill  –>



Blame it all on something, you always-losing, ceaselessly-lying con artist. May as will blame it on the rain. There are a bunch of other pics of our last legitimate President not-cowering like trump cower from the scary poison rain after the “SEE MORE,” below.










Obama meets Pentagon staff and family members of the victims of the September 11 attacks on New York, at the Pentagon near Washington


Don’t anyone forget that Trump isn’t concerned about anyone’s safety or well-being but his own.  This is how afraid of rain Trump really is.  He didn’t skip the honoring of the memorial because of some implied weather danger.

He skipped it because he’s a dick.  A dick with NO honor or self-respect.  Shame on him.





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1 Response to Blames it on the Rain [Obama Photo Tribute]

  1. dizzydenizen says:

    Great tribute and photos that capture the character of a Great man and President. By the way, not only did that other man and his wife ‘hang out on AF1’ they did not pay tribute to our heroes here at Arlington, either. Thank you for sharing these and finding the gold where it shines.

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