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Hondouran Refugees Asylum WP

Liesel Kershul (@marinemilspouse) writes:

“Watching the coverage of what’s happening on the border is heart wrenching. Dawn Hoyt and I were at the Benito Juarez sports complex yesterday feeding refugees.

Conditions there are horrendous. There are only a few outhouses and showers. 5,000 people are squeezed into the space of a Junior High baseball field. They’re sick and so many of them have terrible coughs. There isn’t enough food. They’re standing in LONG lines for a cup of water and one fluffy piece of white bread that has zero nutritional value.

We brought food and water and hand sanitizer and baby wipes. But we could help only as many people as we could physically carry supplies for, so we chose to give them to children. There are so many children. So many teenagers (and they are still children!).

They’re asking that the US hear their asylum claims, and it is LEGAL to seek asylum in our beautiful country. That’s who we are. A nation of immigrants. Currently only 100 claims are being processed each day, and in the meantime these people are living in squalor, spreading sickness, and going hungry.

Especially at this time of the year, I beg you not to demonize them because of their poverty and desperation. I have walked among them. I have looked into their eyes and found communion in another human soul. I have held their hands. They are not criminal. They are desperate.”

And, a late photo ad.  This is one of the “bad dudes” fleeing the tear-gas onslaught  with her toddlers in tow.  The photograph is from Reuters photographer, Kim Kyung-Hoon.

Hondouran Refugees Asylum Children Tear Gassed WP

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