Magnana Mouse News Day Dec 16 2018

MMCM News Vortex 20181216

It’s Sunday.  Usually not a news day.  Not a “breaking news” day.  That’s not how the cycle works now.  With Trump occupying our White House, EVERY DAY is a breaking news day.  These are the tweets that Magnana Mouse contributed to telling the day’s stories.

First, outgoing Republican losers, in lame duck sessions, neutered the responsibilities of the offices they lost.  Confused?  The Guardian laid it out in a piece that explains the unconstitutional and destined to fail it is.

MM Tweet 121601

The Guardian –>

Russia is on a roll.  They invaded and occupy a sovereign nation.  They are controlling shipping lanes in the Arctic that were once ice.  They installed a President of the United Sates of America entirely beholden to them. They are ramping up their aggressive hostility both in their region and now, ours. There are a lot of stories you really need to brief  yourselves on.  We all need to have  detailed understanding of this escalating world crisis.

This NBC News video tells of the most recent escalation. Russia is flying bombers that deliver nuclear payload around the Caribbean.

MM Tweet 121602


Finally, the last story we should all be paying close attention to concerns your health.  Your health and the fact that Republicans are still doing everything they can to obliterate our ability to be assured it. We all knew that Republicans campaigning in the midterms were lying when they cried out: “I will fight to protect your protection from being denied care because of pre-existing conditions.”  Republicans sued to have the ACA declared unconstitutional.

Would you be surprised to hear that the Republicans who promised they would fight to protect the rights of those with pre-existing conditions were lying liars?  Not only were they lying to the vulnerable, they were actually signatories to the lawsuit.

Oh, it gets better.  The lawsuit landed on the desk of a Texas federal Judge.  Guess what Texas Federal judge ruled?

Bye bye Obamacare and protection for those with pre-existing conditions?

MM Tweet 121603

New York Times  –>

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Magnana Mouse is a state of mind. Magnana Mouse is the Resistance. Citizen Media. World peace is a thing we will achieve person-to-person across the planet. Truth is like that. Person to person. Truth is a thing. It is all of our responsibility to foster it's regrowth. Primary source only has one higher. So to speak. Haleakala. #RESIST
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