Magnana Mouse News Day Dec 17 2018

MMCM News Vortex 20181217


Happy Monday!  It wasn’t a very slow news day.  Again, of course more breaking than is in here, but these are three breaking stories about collections of stories that have new pieces always breaking.

First, the Bern-or-Bust movement is again gaining steam.  Liberals had hardly come together to achieve peak RESISTANCE when the Berning Bot are declaring war against Democrats.  Apparently because 4 years of Trump just isn’t quite enough.  Vox News gave itself up for what it is (not a AAA news source) by publishing their stance on Article II Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.  They called for an amendment to allow people under the age of 35 to be President.

You know?  Because Octavio Cortez is 29.   Sigh.

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The next item isn’t exactly breaking, but it’s one of Trump’s tells.  Some of the most reviled policies that Trump champions, he’s too much of a coward to take credit for.  He either has his press matinee deny deny deny, or some Nazi coffee boy feign full credit for whatever it is.  In this case, the soul-less kidnapping and imprisonment of children at the U.S. border with Mexico.  This is about Trump’s little Nazi rent-boy, Stephen Miller.

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Boston Globe  –>

And, finally, the big one.  A full report of how involved Russia was in staging the coup against the U.S. government was released today.  Short answer, they completely stole the Presidency for Trump.  The report showed just how effective they were suppressing the African American vote in Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.  The New York Times doesn’t let down.

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New York Times  –>

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