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Donald Trump’s Go-Fund-Me stunt is a voluntary tax for only the most dedicated few.

New York Post  –> https://nypost.com/2018/12/20/gofundme-for-border-wall-raises-more-than-1m-in-just-3-days/

Da fu, you might ask? This obviously has nothing to do with you, Blue.  This is a brilliant way for our empty vessel Russian agent illegitimate President to bleed his loyal nationalist NRA-loving turnip base dry. They get to wear the honor of paying for it like one might pay to be hit in the face with a club.

Who are these people you ask?  Some have described them as “Deplorables.”  They’re proof that you can be a victim and a victimizer simultaneously.  This heartless con-man rube of a President is milking his flock of marks to pay for his absolutely pointless wall-toy thing.  Trump is leaning on the poorest; most vulnerable; happily DUMB and RACIST idiot marks to this lie-riddled BS. He’s going to depend on $80 from every sucker who voted for him.

What his loyalists have coughed up thus far is a flash in the pan $7 million.  This spare change $7 Million is a nice protest sign kind of petition.  But even with these riches, is it going to knock it out of the park?

LOL.  Hardly, genius trailer-dwellers.  The wall, the way Trump and his Breitbart think tank-jr. advisory council designed it will cost upwards of $25 Billion to unveil.  This $5 Billion hostage demand is a down payment.  And, the $7 Million?  A down payment on a down payment.  Oy vey.

They still have to collect $2,993 Million to get to $5 BILLION.

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Hate to pee on their tiki torch, but $7 Million is like not that much.  Not compared to $5 Billion.  $7 Million is 1 10th of 1% of how much Trump’s fanboy and girl white nationalists are going to need to cough up to get’r done.   That’s $80 from every sucker who voted for him to finance the $5 BILLION his ransom demand calls for.

Having a hard time wrapping your noggin around that?  Yeah, OK. It’s exactly like this: Imagine you have a sweet tooth. All you have on your flight is one single 7 oz. bag of M&M’s.  That’s cool. Not a lot, but your diabetes can chill with one bag of M&M’s to last the flight. Right?

$7 Million is really not that much, although it seems like a lot.  Heck,  Those Go-Fund-Me campaign salesmen didn’t really tell you, but it’s going to take $80 from everyone who voted for Donald to finance his $5 BILLION his ransom demands

FOX News  –>  https://youtu.be/qGeQEk3wJtM

How not much is $7 Million in relation to $5 Billion?  OK. It’s exactly like this: Imagine you have a sweet tooth. All you have on your flight is one single 7 oz. bag of M&M’s.  That’s cool. It’s not a lot, but your diabetes can chill with one bag of M&M’s to last the flight, right?

Oooh, slow down, there, Usain.  You don’t get all them M&M’s  You have to share the little baggie with a lot of other people.  How many people? Well, according to the M&M’s website, there are 210 M&M’s in one of those bags. Let’s start there.

M&M’s Dot Com –> https://www.mymms.com/category/customer+service/faq.do

You’re going to need to find a really sharp knife, because with your $7 Million investment, you don’t get a single one of those 210 little choco-canddies.  Nope, you only get 29 percent of a single M&M.  You can have less than ONE THIRD OF ONE  M.

Bag of MnM's vs the Wall WP

That’s how much of Trump’s $5 Billion your Go-Fund-Me $7 Million will get you.

Somebody has to pay for it.  ‘Cos Mexico isn’t, right? 

“Mexico isn’t paying for that fucking wall.” ~Mexican President, Vicente Fox

So, apparently, Mexico isn’t paying.  Not a “fucking” peso of it.  That’s another Donald promise that’s just a fart in the wind.  So, did the U.S. House of Representatives pass some stealth tax to pay for more of that bag of M&M’s?  You know,  so we can all pay for it?

Um, nope.  This is a voluntary tax that Trump’s idiot-army of sycophants is volunteering to pay.

So, who exactly are “they?”

Quite simply put, Trump is milking his very base base.  His flock of easy, marks.  Trump is taking candy from (adults with all the sense of) babies.  They range from supporters of the former Republican party to the poorest; most vulnerable; happily DUMB and RACIST idiot confederates.  These robotic fools support virtually any nonsense he spouts.  Violently-ignorant and suicidal lost souls.

These dregs of society who have long dreamed of being led along by this type of Daddy.

And, now they have their master.

This is all good news.  Trump is go-funding the U.S. government back open and PROTECTED!  Well, this $5 Billion is about 20% of the total cost of Trump’s wall.  So, we’ll be 20% protected!

Making America 20% Great Again!  If all of Trump’s Deplorables cough up $80.





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