A Beto By Any Other Name

Beto Pledge WP

People have been invited by media to be born  into this Presidential cycle with a knowing of what makes Beto O’Rourke tick, tock, and hum along.

NBC NEWS  –>  https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/10-things-about-beto-o-rourke-n983351

The credentials of his very political idealism have been attacked since his days on the El Paso, Texas city council.  When the truth about his convictions prove naysayers petty and wrong (which has also been going on since his days on the El Paso, Texas city council), his opponents have stooped to attacking his name.  They have crassly and continuously accused him of being a white good old boy appropriating a Mexican name to somehow fool Latinos into voting for him in 2020.

Barring any actual legitimate criticisms or non-existent scandal to boil down his reputation in, O’Rourke’s opponents have stooped to reaching for the electoral mob’s basest nature.  They tempt the public to perseverate in a hurtful and false narrative of Beto’s origin story.

Beto was Christened “Robert O’Rourke.”  After his grandpa, Robert.  To distinguish him from the family patriarch, the family called young Robert “Beto.”

Why Beto?  Beto is a common abbreviation for Robert — Roberto — in Spanish.

Beto signed his name as it appears on his birth certificate in places where the rules and tradition prompted him to.  But, everyone in Beto’s life knew and know Beto as “Beto.”  To illustrate this, Beto tweeted a photo.  A group-shot of him with his grade school classmates.  In it, Beto was wearing a sweater that his grandmother embroidered for him with his name:


Image from a Beto tweet. Link below.

Twitter  –>  https://twitter.com/BetoORourke/status/971467245477081092/

Now, there is a lot more to do in the process of committing ourselves to the candidate best able to topple Individual 1 — our orange, autocratic pretender in the White House.  Each of us are supposed to vet every candidate in our urgent resistance to falling into the abyss.  Some in the PR and Media sphere have questioned O’Rourke’s progressive — and even his Democratic credentials.

That would be a fairer rabbit hole to venture into.  Not irrelevant, shiny object swiftboat narratives about his name.  But, more on that a bit later . . .


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