Black? Your Vote May be Caged by the GOP

embracing one radical, half-baked socialist proposal after another. It’s really a sight to see.It’s called VOTER CAGING.  Heard of it?  You’re not supposed to have.

Voter Caging Black Man in a Birdcage

It says Jim Crow.  That’s not hyperbole.

What “Voter Caging” is is a racist act that the Republican Party still does, whereby they pick collections of registered voters to attempt to rip away their Constitutional right to vote away from them.

Wikipedia  –>

How, you ask?  Well, they choose a bunch of people (millions of people) in places that minorities statistically live.  Knowing that they can target minorities by choosing less affluent areas, they send out NON-FORWARDABLE mail to the addresses that registered voters give.  Knowing that minorities are less affluent and have to move to new rental units.

Oftentimes, updating registration information is on the bottom of their survival list.

People will continue going to their polling location to vote, as they generally move to new digs close enough by, right?  Well, when the GOP doesn’t receive a reply to their mail, they wipe the voters from the rolls.  This happens to a lot of people.  It is one way old Jim Crow laws suppressed the minority vote.

It is how the new Jim Crow laws are doing the same thing again, thanks to Donald Trump’s white nationalist push.  And, to a continuation of our white nationalist GOP establishment This has got to stop NOW.  Your new Democratic House majority got on it lightning fast in HR.1 (the “For the People Act of 2019”).

Congress Dot Gov  –>

There’s a whole section of the bill that outlaws voter caging (which the SCOTUS has already found unconstitutional.  But, as usual, the GOP has no room for the Constitution’s quaint rules in their plan to outlaw all minorities once and for all.  Mitch McConnell has gone so far as to ridiculously re-name H.R. 1 “Democrat Politician Protection Act.”

“[The Democratic House majority is] embracing one radical, half-baked socialist proposal after another. It’s really a sight to see.” ~McConnell


Go ahead and behold it in full at the link provided above.  This egalitarian bill is very all-American.  The  type of bill that only Vladimir Putin and other anti-American garbage would oppose.  Call your representative — whether Democrat or Republican — and demand that this bill pass, and that the Senate override our illegitimate president’s sure-fire coward’s veto.


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