Another Lie from Trump’s Media Cow


Black and Blue Wave 2020 WP
Trump and everyone operating as one of his cowardly drones are lying pieces of steaming horse crap.

Here, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is caught lying about how Black Americans fared in job creation under President Obama compared to her Russian puppet-clown, Donald Trump.

According to the liar-cow, POTUS Obama created 195,000 jobs.

But, according to REALITY, as recorded by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic, Obama hooked brothas up with 15 times more than her BS claim.  Don’t bother doing the math figuring out how many jobs that is.  Magnana Mouse has you covered:

Liar Sarah Sanders Jobs Statistics

President Barack Obama created 3 million jobs for Black Americans.  He didn’t need to fund it with a  $2 Trillion giveaway to some corporate overlords.  The kind of giveaway that just bankrupted EVERY American.  Obama created 3 million jobs as he rescued America from the housing / banking crisis.  Remember that near great depression in 2008 when America came close to drowning?  The one dumped on America by the GREED and IRRESPONSIBILITY of the Republican Party and their corporate masters?

Yeah, that one.

Obama was able to make happen a bona fide miracle because he actually cares about America and American families.

SIDEBAR: Are you mad that Sanders was called a “cow” in the title. Well, let it be known that this would have been titled: “More BS from Trump’s Media Heifer.” But, turns out Sarah has birthed three young (heaven help them, my dear God). Heifers haven’t bred. Sarah Sanders is a COW.  And, be not the mad.  She’s not a “cow” because fat shaming.  She is morbidly obese.  That’s no secret.  She’s a cow because she’s trump’s pathetic livestock.  You know?  Like sheep?  She’s a cow.  Trump’s lying bigot cow.

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Magnana Mouse is a state of mind. Magnana Mouse is the Resistance. Citizen Media. World peace is a thing we will achieve person-to-person across the planet. Truth is like that. Person to person. Truth is a thing. It is all of our responsibility to foster it's regrowth. Primary source only has one higher. So to speak. Haleakala. #RESIST
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1 Response to Another Lie from Trump’s Media Cow

  1. Diz says:

    Facts don’t mean a thing to them, and lies mean nothing to us. Thanks for memorialising the real stats.

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