Apprentice Fake President

Trump Apprentice Douchebag A WP

Trump never wanted to be the President of the United States of America. He’s just a run-of-the-mill reality show mobster who was walked into his current role as POTUS by out mortal enemy, Russia.  He’s a mediocre “business person,” and that is generous.  Even partnering with Russian mafia, he’s a not-particularly rich fraudster.

But, Individual 1, here, was SHOCKED after — with Russian Intel assistance — the fix was in and he actually won the race.

Ta da. FAKE President who projects the guilt he knows he owns by screaming about very real FAKE News.

His fraud penetrates to his manhood as he shakes a feeble fist at developing countries, pretending to possess male testicles below his sad, little “micro-thing.” Don’t think that just because he is so freakishly un-endowed that it explains his failure as a President.  Huffington Post Sex MD’s say that his micro-penis has nothing to do with his effectiveness as a leader.  Or lack of it.

Huffington Post  –>

But, we all know better, don’t we.  Reality stings like a swarm of angry yellow jackets hovering around his bloated, empty head.  Just out of our eyesight, trump is always hard at work  bankrupting and destroying every business and professional’s credibility he comes into contact with.

On top of it tall, Fat Donnie is a wannabe cokehead, too “brokahontas” to afford a proper cocaine habit.  So instead,  he crushes up Adderall and snorts it like it’s coke.  Fat Donald is cheap-ass trailer-dweller of a con-artist speed-freak.

Tom Arnold On Donald Trump Snorting Adderall on the Apprentice Set

Newsweek –>

Brings me to today’s ignoramus #FatDonnie claim.   Baby-hands thought that despite the damning Supreme Court decision about his racist census question, he still gets to make the rules, or something.

He still doesn’t, BTW.

Still, his delusions overfloweth.  He seems to fantasize that  he’s going to defy everyone.  He really really thins he’s getting that  “illegal alien” question on the 2020 census.

He still won’t, BTW.

2020 Census won’t include citizenship question, Justice confirms

Washington Post –>

Thing is, this dimwitted trash isn’t a President the way ANY American has ever experienced a United States Presient. He’s the Russian agent dirtbag that the FSB ordered up and groomed for the role. When this douchebag claims he’s pulling off BS like this NON-STARTER census attack on our Constitution, Individual 1 here has NO clue even what he thinks he’s trying to do. He sees everything in terms of a publicity bump to his Apprentice ratings.

He has NO clue the realistic details of ANYTHING he does. He throws out ignorant BS and like any reality show “star,” expects producers to figure out how to threaten their witless reality show directors to make it fit into an episode.

Key here is that our douchebag FAKE president has NO CLUE about ANYTHING he cons-on about. There won’t be a question about citizenship on the U.S. census, and fuck sake, this douchebag FAKE President doesn’t have the authority in his burger-stained wet dreams to “delay the census” to somehow “appeal the Supreme Court.”

Trump and his Very Regular Census WP

Congress is calling for Trump to move forward on the long-standing census preparation schedule without a white nationalist citizenship question. Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York just led a Congressional delegation demanding Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross — who oversees the Census Bureau — to send the census form without the question for printing by July 4.

“Only Congress has the authority to delay the census and must do so through the legislative process, which we have no intention of doing,” wrote the lawmakers in a letter to Ross that was released on Tuesday.

Trump Admin’s Delay In Census Printing Sets Up Count’s ‘Biggest Risk’

NPR —>


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