The Prince of the Best Deals Strikes Again


Trump's Balls Drop - Drops all Balls WP PREVIEW

#FatDonnie is grifter #ConArtist.  We all know this.  We all know full well that he’s a phenomenally BAD BUSINESSMAN. Quite literally EVERY business he has commandeered  he ha driven into the ground.  Embarrassingly.

Donald Trump’s Business Failures Were Very Real

New York Times  –>

But, it’s not just his crappy  bad-steak companies and fraudulent for-profit “colleges” he bankrupts.  Trump befouls and destroys EVERYTHING he brushes up against, as Rick Wilson wrote about:

Everything Trump Touche Dies - Rick Wilson WP

Everything Trump Touches Dies:
A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever

Barnes and Noble  –>

Trump has touched America, my friends.  That black hole of a greed-well of a Republican DEPRESSION that President Obama pulled us out of has opened back up and is scheduled to swallow our futures “over a period of time.”

Stocks losses deepen as a key recession warning surfaces

Washington Post  –>

And that was just yesterday.  One would expect a bounce-back today.  That’s not happening.  After a precipitous early fall, it’s creeping up, but the dye’s been cast.  Keep your eye on the ball, for your 401K’s sake (as if there was anything you could do to save it.

Real Time Stocks TR

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I have done a metric ass-ton of things through my personal and professional trek across my nows and thens. I've worked in politics in more than a couple handfuls of US Senate and Congressional districts across the country. I'm a domestic wonk out the box. Through my work in the electoral mafia, I've lived many a parallel career. I tendered outright in 2006, but that's a story inside a story within a tale for none other time or other. For a lot of my years trench-side, I was fortunate to be able to work parallel in a managerial capacity for creatives. Now, I am able to have come out the closet, so to speak. I'm able to be managed instead of owning the wheel. For the first time in my life, I am blessed to let others manage my trip steps and bounds through the briar patch of publishing. Now, Steven D'Mused can harvest his own creative bounty. It's a good day. I journal here at Magnana Mouse to help my old friend John; to share my experience in and knowledge of the dark web of US political electioneering. This is a place for my activist self to write at a podium near the metaphorical ballot box. Hope I am able to add a valuable voice to Magnana Mouse. Thanks for reading and thanks for CARING to read into the truth. Let reality reign and joy flow. Get out the vote, no matter how you do it. Just do it. Fight for your right to party, my brothas and sistas. No rules in street fighting. Blood and balls. There is only winning and dying anymore. WIN.
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