That Didn’t Take Long

Anti-Trump Billionaire Tom Steyer Holds Event In Charleston, South Carolina

Tom Steyer. Orig. photo Sean Rayford.

I’m not a supporter of Tom Steyer.  Don’t dislike the guy.  Just don’t know him.

So, what is there to know?  He’s pretty wealthy.  That’s OK.

He is pretty ego-driven.  Kind of a disqualifier, but couldn’t compare with the Don’s ego.  We’ve stared into the sun.  Steyer, bless his heart, is hardly a moon.

What else?  Oh, of course.  He really really wants a Trump impeachment hearing.  Not nearly connected to our power-center to understand how to pull that sword out of the stone.

But, really it’s not like this was ever a serious candidacy to begin with.  It’s a vanity candidacy.  Makes the Party look a little — well  little un-serious.  But, this is far from  a new thing, and nothing the Party isn’t used to repelling and re-shaping behind.

Today, though, it got a little weird. The team that Tom pays to keep his gilded row-boat afloat ran a gross new play:  The Soylent Green Special.  They put their heads down the took it right up the middle to poach off Jay Inslee’s implied misfortune.

The play:

OK, the gray-haired Eco guy is out.  We’re the impeach-guy.  That’s kind of thin and getting old.  What we’re going to do is morph into the gray-haired Impeachment & Eco guy.  No one will remember him to tell us apart.  Let’s send out an email announcing our Rundlefly.

Team Tom Blather Letter

Maybe there’s payoff.  He’ll hit the 2% threshold for a podium and a week or so more time in the sun.   As long as he doesn’t hurt anyone, I suppose no harm, no foul, right?  The play just struck me as funny.  Made me wonder if anyone will be drawn in by his eco insta-cred.


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