Devil in a Blue Dress?

Well, a flower-print smock.  We knew there were pics out there of Donald #FatDonnie Trump in #LadiesClothes.  Paydirt.

Trump in a Dress.jpg

We know that there are reportedly (winkwink) pics of Russian prostitutes peeing all over the #RealDonald in a Russian hotel.   But until now, the rumors of Donald dressing up like  fat, middle-aged Tea Party queen for Vladimir in those “secret meetings” they don’t let cameras into.  Well, not American cameras.

So, the rumors were always that Trump — while genetically a male — never felt like a little boy.  Born with a micro-penis no bigger than a swollen clitoris, he always felt like a girl.  But, even though the rumor mill was ripe with stories of Donald undergoing a sex change operation, that’s just simply not true.  He fancies girlie-men and has a penchant for the Epstein line of child boys, but he is technically still one himself.  One with a comically small penis and a foreign “beard” for a wife.

His whirlwind ongoing love affair with #DaddyVlad is reportedly why Donald projects hate on the LGBTQ community.  Guilt and self-hate at not having the courage to just “come out” and admit he’s a moaning “bottom.”  “People” are saying that he’s only against gay marriage because he’s “stuck with a First Lady.”  It’s like “If I can’t have my Steaming-Vlad, none of  you bitches get nothin.”

Brokeback Trump-Vlad Sammich

So Trump wants everyone to know that he’s no trans.  “Just a queen.”  He’  VLAD’S First Lady.

Mic drop?

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