Is Corporate Media TRYING to be the Problem?

Joe Biden held his 1st press briefing as the U.S. President.

He had it in the midst of a pandemic that has killed half a million Americans. Tens of new variants of the virus threaten to start a 4th wave.

Biden had just finished upping his goal of Americans vaccinated for FREE from 100 to 200 million people. This success on the heels of passing a new recovery act that brings hope to all Americans that we’re turning a corner.

What kinds of narratives are our media looking to frame for the beginning of Joe Biden’s Presidency? What kinds of vital questions did our media pepper Biden with, you ask?

There were 13 questions asked, including follow-ups, about immigration and zero about COVID-19.

Looked at another way, there were:

33 mentions of the words #immigration or #border,
27 mentions (yes, 27) of the word #filibuster,
2 mentions of #COVID and 2 mentions of #vaccinations,

And, it was the President who mentioned each of those last two. It is frustrating that not only is the Biden Administration under assault by the defunct Republican Party. The media is looking for tabloid sensationalism. They don’t root for peace and contentment. Peace and contentment don’t sell advertising.

So, root for our species’ survival from all that ails it. Just don’t get your hopes up for “liberal media” to play a role in saving America from the burning building he left us all tied up in.

About Magnana Mouse

Magnana Mouse is a state of mind. Magnana Mouse is the Resistance. Citizen Media. World peace is a thing we will achieve person-to-person across the planet. Truth is like that. Person to person. Truth is a thing. It is all of our responsibility to foster it's regrowth. Primary source only has one higher. So to speak. Haleakala. #RESIST
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1 Response to Is Corporate Media TRYING to be the Problem?

  1. Diz says:

    I agree completely. I was upset with the media, then proud of them, and now I have no idea what they’re doing. Were they acting like the BIG LIE mattered? You’d think they would be wiser than to shove people toward the edge of any nearest cliff. WTH?!!!

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