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I have done a metric ass-ton of things through my personal and professional trek across my nows and thens. I've worked in politics in more than a couple handfuls of US Senate and Congressional districts across the country. I'm a domestic wonk out the box. Through my work in the electoral mafia, I've lived many a parallel career. I tendered outright in 2006, but that's a story inside a story within a tale for none other time or other. For a lot of my years trench-side, I was fortunate to be able to work parallel in a managerial capacity for creatives. Now, I am able to have come out the closet, so to speak. I'm able to be managed instead of owning the wheel. For the first time in my life, I am blessed to let others manage my trip steps and bounds through the briar patch of publishing. Now, Steven D'Mused can harvest his own creative bounty. It's a good day. I journal here at Magnana Mouse to help my old friend John; to share my experience in and knowledge of the dark web of US political electioneering. This is a place for my activist self to write at a podium near the metaphorical ballot box. Hope I am able to add a valuable voice to Magnana Mouse. Thanks for reading and thanks for CARING to read into the truth. Let reality reign and joy flow. Get out the vote, no matter how you do it. Just do it. Fight for your right to party, my brothas and sistas. No rules in street fighting. Blood and balls. There is only winning and dying anymore. WIN.

An Ideal, Not a Hero. Not just Yet.

Politics is mostly local. Make it hyper-local in 2018 or you’re paving the way to the Trump doctrine be made Law. Continue reading

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Not a Senator

Rachel Maddow Tries to Help Breathe an Ancient Sanity Back to the Republican Corpse. Continue reading

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Comrade Detective Tackles Monopoly

The Soviet-Bulgarian answer to “What if Rocky was US propaganda and we did it better, comrade?” Continue reading

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Obama vs. Trump BSA Jamboree Speeches

Hear the speech deliveries of President Obama and Trump delivered to the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree. Lament what we have given up. Continue reading

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Donald Douche is Disappointed (VIDEO)

Donald screamed for the US legislature to KILL THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT. They couldn’t. He is disappointed. SO SAD. Continue reading

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Dead to Me

Chicago Cubs just cursed itself again. Baseball isn’t the only thing that will take 100 years for us to recover from. Continue reading

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There are Monsters in your Closet

It is now officially a cult. Continue reading

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