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Magnana Mouse is a Citizen Media collective. We may someday be called to duty with on-site reporting and broadcasting, but for now, we're not that. Magnana Mouse works with community, party, and social media activists to analyze strategic response methodology pertaining to idea redistribution. Citizen media. Citizen information analysis and brain trust to progressive values alongside a Blue union. The world has changed in ways that make what it's become absolutely unrecognizable to anyone with a memory of what it was in the late 1970's. We're all intellectually and culturally near-death in a forty-year slow boil. At Magnana Mouse, we have the perspective to recognize the underlying issues we all face. We have the vision to plan and manage campaigns to correct the pitch before we all nose-dive off the cliff, finding out too late that we're chained to the Tea Party, like it or not. Consequences are non-partisan. At Magnana Mouse, we alter the cause to mediate the effect of the Right Wing's deadly corporocentric philosophy of economic and social engineering. At Magnana Mouse, we KNOW we can use social media campaigning to effect change and turn Red America Blue to reverse the damage caused by ALEC, the US Chamber of Commerce, Lobbying bribe-middlemen, and the banking super PAC collective. and the Republican party they all dress up as.

Trump Insures a Million More!

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) chimes in to call a turd a turd. Trump basks in poop, smears it all over his bare chest. Continue reading

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AARP Versus TrumpCare

Respect your elders, Nazis. AARP’s statement on Trumpcare. Continue reading

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Feast Your Eyes on Trumpcare

Empty the pooper-scooper in between two slices of Wonder Bread and you got yourself a big S#it Sandwich. Now, eat up, peasants. Continue reading

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The Georgia Dumpster Fire Burn Continues

It’s the night that the lights went out in Georgia. Continue reading

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In Flames in South Carolina

Voter information for the 2017 Georgia 5th district special election. Continue reading

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Good News, Bad News, Outrageous

Missing sailors found. Trump Japan ambassador, Sec. of Navy nowhere to be found. Oh, about that. Continue reading

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Schumer Calls Out SUPER-SHADY Republican Senators

The Senate is trying to get away with MASS murder. In the dark. Continue reading

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