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Dax’s Magnana Musical Screen Grab News Menagerie

Like MTV CSPAN. Continue reading

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Advise and Contempt

The rules of engagement have changed. Continue reading

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Hoagie Hitler 2018

No, not Trump. Continue reading

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The News — Hollywood Stylz?

Got Newz? Here, have it the way L.A. folk kick back and enjoy it. Continue reading

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Become Civilized, You Ask? We Became Something, Alright [VID]

What’s the price of civilization? And, will you be civilized by the time you get there? Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall?

New York’s 14th may have lost everything, but Susan Sarandon, man. Continue reading

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Peter Fonda. A Pictography?

Originally posted on A Cog in the Muse's Machinery:
You know Peter Fonda. His parents were icons.  Henry Fonda and Frances Ford Seymour. He was a child star. He grew into his persona as a serious actor. Famous long…

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