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Boko No No.

Terror wack-a-mole. Where’s gonna be next? Who all gets to die? Continue reading

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How Nazis Cyber Harass

Nazis find ways to turn the body against itself. Attacking from within, like a vermin bacteria on a virus. Continue reading

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Horrible Liars Lie Horribly

Who can lie almost as brilliantly as trump? Trevor says Manafort and Lewandowski. [VIDEO] Continue reading

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Grand Ol’ Cross Burns Anew

The KKK welcomes angry young bigots into their flaming, open arms. Continue reading

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White House Press BS Machine on a Loop

Pray this sociopathic Trump Propaganda Sow didn’t breed [VIDEO] Continue reading

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Just a Regular Guy (VIDEO)

Why did YOU vote for Trump and how can YOU still support him? But, of course. Continue reading

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Why are Police Batons-off with Neo-Nazis?

You didn’t imagine we’d ever have a Nazi President, did you? Continue reading

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