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War is Partisan, Now

Foreign policy by self-hate and ignorance. This is madness. Continue reading

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Syrian Jets Still Taking Off From Damaged Airfield [EDIT 10 APR]

You thought Trump launched an attack on Syria. It was a $200M firework show you get the bill for. Syrian and Russian jets are still flying. Continue reading

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Gasser Blame Game

Russia blames their victims while Trump blames President Obama. Wonder whodunnit. Continue reading

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David and Goliath

Has anyone ever asked you to draw what “happy” looks like? Yeah, well, this is what “penis envy” looks like. Continue reading

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Pucker Up and Take One For the Team

When the why eclipses the what. Continue reading

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Hong Kong: Lesson in the Beauty of Direct Democracy

“Hong Kong is a progressive Western democracy being repressed 18th century-style. They were traded like a territorial slave at auction, wholesale, and they want a voice in their future.” Continue reading

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