Catfight? Chelsea vs. Ivanca?

chelsea ivanca WP

These two first daughters told the world during the 2016 POTUS campaign that they were good friends. That politics of their parents wouldn’t come between them.

Since then, Ivanca’s father has vowed to lock Hillary’s mother up and told his followers to assault her. This little girl’s father has lied about Secretary Clinton and has insulted and chided her and her family. This article says that they haven’t spoken since the election. If you believe that they are “still friends” after Ivanca took an official position in an administration that was put in place with the aid of a RUSSIAN COUP, you are naive or just kind of slow.

Blasting News –>

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Happy Sexual Assault Month?

Trump Oreilly WPHappy Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Trump Defends Bill O’Reilly Amidst Sexual Harassment Claims.


Let’s everybody grab a pussy to celebrate!

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Ned Price Suggests Dr. Rice Sue Trump

Susan Rice Sue Trump WP

Ned Price just suggested that Susan Rice Sue Donald Trump for libel.

Remember Ned Price?

He was a CIA agent who quit because he could not in good conscience work under Donald Trump as his Commander in Chief.



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Fake Egg or Imaginary Chicken?

FAKENEWS WPWe’ve all heard of “Fake News.” We associate it with the Russian Intelligence coup of our government.

Don’t give the bread-line Russian vodka-drunkski’s all that much credit for the how-to. They are just using OUR psycho-tech. We have been doing this since the 90’s. It took a little slip during the Bush cleanup in 2004 that prompted this 2005 story about it (New York Times). Oops. Wasn’t supposed to be known about then either.

Our foreign intelligence was probably using it, themselves, but this was a DOMESTIC play from the ashes of the end of the Cold War. Where some commie child-army dumbass hackers took it is only notable because we were dumb enough to slip in a puddle of our own pee dribbling down our leg and fall for it. Not all that surprising, though, as we all know how well any establishment deals with fresh ideas straight out the oven.

One step further, though, is how we still use it domestically. MSNBC conspires with *someone* to pimp out a meme with this video:

It’s just a commercial, but it’s not just anything. The reporter isn’t a reporter. She and “Milton” there are reading from a script. It’s propaganda.

Good propaganda, I suppose. Showing that black men shouldn’t be feared because they’re black men. Um, it shows that blacks, targeted unequally and arguably, very unfairly don’t hold grudges? That black men are very pro-police state and pro military. If I were running a PR campaign to try sneaking the pussy caps off protesters, this would certainly have been a concept I would have sponsored.

If those are actual officers of the law in the background, it really begs the question of who produced this and got MSNBC to air it.

Just keep your eyes open and don’t assume anything.

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Gasser Blame Game

Trump Gasser Bullshit WP


Trump is so constipated that his shit is shooting out his ears like play doh spaghetti.  The Fischer Price Play White House Presidency.

Last night, when the news of the chemical gassing attack in Syria heard Russia and Trump respond to it, the reaction was like Dumb and Dumber were fighting to grab the trophy for most Keystone Idiot Lie to pass off the blame for it.

The Russians, whose jets were witnessed releasing the ordinance that released the deadly gas blamed the atrocity on the Rebels they were targeting for their proxy, Bashar al-Assad (NBC NEWS).  The Russian’s impotent cry was that the Rebels were storing tonnes of sarin gas for the Russians and they experienced a catastrophic chemical storage barrel failure, as apparently, all of the barrels broke and the nasty gas spilled out.

“Wasn’t us, comrade, nothing to see here, move on, move on.”

Trump had a MUCH more realistic theory:  It was all President Obama’s fault (NBC News).

“He did it.  I have the best people going to Syria and they can’t believe what they’re finding.”

Trump tries harder than HE has been in decades to shiny object everyone’s attention from the reality that the Motherland that put him in power is drowned in War Crimes.  Trump says that President Obama should have gone to Syria and crushed Assad a couple years ago with boots on the ground on Assad’s throat.  Nevermind that Trump Tweeted at the time (2013) that Obama SHOULD NOT send USMIL to Syria:

Trump Syria Obama Do Not Go Tweets.jpg

But, did President Obama take Trump’s idiot Twitter counsel?  Hell no, he didn’t.  President Obama tried to intervene against Russia and their Genocidal puppet-dictator (New York Times).  Why didn’t we go in and put a hurt on some Right Wing Nazi tyranny?


Our own Right Wing Congress refused President Obama’s request (New York Times). Again,

  1. Trump didn’t want Obama going after Assad and ISIS in Syria.
  2. Russia just gassed and murdered hundreds of Syrian civilians.
  3. President Obama tried to send USMIL to Syria.
  4. The Republican Congress Denied Obama’s military intervention.
  5. Russia blames the gassing on Rebels killing themselves, WTF.
  6. Trump blames President Obama for not intervening before, LOL.
  7. Trump inches toward WWIII in leaps and bounds.

Remember, friends, that we were once led by competent men.  We were once a people of honor.  We can be this again.


Obama and Biden

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Packistan Taliban WP

On CNN a little bit ago, one of the hourly newscasters relayed a story of three Pakistan-Americans who were VERY supportive of Trump’s Muslim travel ban.

“America needs to concern itself with protecting itself over anything else, and we strongly support that.  To do anything else is a fool’s game,” one of them said.

The reporter reminded them that Pakistan has exported multiple terrorists to the World for jihad, and that Osama Bin Laden took refuge there and was captured in Pakistan.  She reminded them that Bin Laden was protected and given refuge by the Pakistani government.

They became silent.

The reporter then asked them if Pakistan should be added to the travel ban list and if they would support *that.*  They were silent for ten seconds before finally answering:


Follow the money.  Does Trump have plans for a Trump Towers Hotel-Islamabad?  Of course he does.

Trump Towers Islamabad WP

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GOP 2.0

Republican 2 pt 0 WP

We have been concerned for so long with the tea-drunken idiots and christo-fascists on the fringe of the Republican Party that we’ve lost sight of the darkness at the heart of the GOP that fuel all of its legislative darkness: it’s Libertarian trunk.

The Grover Norquist “let’s shrink the Government to the size we can drown it in the bathtub” wing that takes care of the right’s business while the idiots are making “I can see Russia from my porch” bellowing flash from FOX News through to MSNBC. While we’re played like cheap, predictable fiddles, people like Wayne Allyn Root here (WIKI), who was on the Libertarian ticket for President in 2016, are loudly filling the craters being left by Republican pawns falling to their own rooks in a true-life coup shelling of the American government.

This guy, Root, is just the archetype of the kind of noxious Libertarian politician that is cozying up to Donald Trump as he champions the ghost of the Titanic. This breed of mutt takes its love of the Tyrant that completes them to some very strange levels. Root, here, was recorded fantasizing about making passionate love to the Donald every day. No kidding, as Right Wing Watch captured (AUDIO).

The Libertarian takeover of the GOP may not be a realization of a Gay Nazi cult, but do NOT take your eyes off of of their sexcapade. This set of people are monsters amongst a basket of monsters you already know. Paul Ryan may be leading the heartless legislative charge to rip away healthcare, but it is the Libertarian domination of Trump’s inner Reich circles (Bannon, etc) who are the real masters of the big top shit-show that is framing our new now and our frightened, unsure futures.

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