The Flushed Legacy of the Former Maverick

mccain tumor face WP

John McCain has a cancer that is going to kill him. And, that is truly too bad. It is so sad. Truly.

John McCain was allegedly a “maverick” at one point in his career as a Senator. His campaign staff likes it pointed out and FOX News is always happy to do so. Press junket style.

Upon his diagnosis, he was pretty much futilely operated on. It was performed on him at our taxpayer expense. That’s alright, because that’s how we do in America. We look out after our own. We bring them comfort and aid when they are down.

But, before he even had time to heal, he rushed back to Washington D.C. so he could vote to make sure that he could participate in stealing healthcare from between 22 and 33 million other Americans who he feels are less worthy of healthcare than he is.

The a woman screaming at him as he exits the Senate vote is part of letting the “maverick” know that his shameful action today is ensuring that this will be the entirety of his legacy.

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Donald Douche is Disappointed (VIDEO)

After SEVEN years of endless attempts to UNDO the Affordable Care Act, that has brought affordable health insurance to dozens of millions of Americans, FINALLY, the Nazi Party of Republican America finally has not only insurmountable majorities in our House and our Senate . . . they have their very own president who can sign the death warrant where the scary black guy kept vetoing their BS into the ground.

Yet, their heartlessness failed MISERABLY as Trump commanded them to slash and burn.

Now, Donald Trump, our illegitimate, bigoted, misogynist, compulsive lying, serial sex-offending president haz a sad.

Him DISAPPOINTED. Sing along as you shed some tears for him.

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Howard Dean WP.jpgEveryone wants Trump not just to be impeached, but to face charges of espionage and high treason.

Only problem is that there are those who make the argument that a sitting US President can’t be held responsible for criminal activity.

Well, he’ll likely be impeached, but while he’s waiting out the obvious, everyone around him involved in any way will warm up the chair for him.  Starting with his favorite son, Junior.    Howard Dean and I are on the same page on this one.

Dean Junior will BURN.JPG

Really, the only question is in which order will the dominoes drop?  We all get to enjoy the office pool returns as this and that shoe drops.

He will burn in the dumpster fire he has stoked for so long.  Just don’t bother trying to call all the shots.  Know in the depths of your being that they will land.  The traitors will all meet Lady Justice.

Oh, and don’t forget, Kellyanne Conway looks like a dried-out piece of beef jerky.

Kellyanne DRIED UP WP

Magnana Mouse –>

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Dried-up Deflection Denials


Poor Kellyanne.

The longer the Trump campaign leaves her swinging in the sun, the more dried up and pathetic she gets.  Like beef jerkey.  She just seems willfully dumber and dumber.

Here, today, maybe her hall-of-fame trip into a sty:  She defends the endless collusion she once denied happened.  How, caught red-handed, whe defends Donald Junior and Jared’s meeting with the Kremlin attorney

This poor, dried-out lady has been reduced to nothing.

No credibility.

No soul.

It’s like she had the life sucked out of her by an Indiana Jones arc of the covenant banshee. She’s petulant beef jerkey with a slim-jim attitude.

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Trump is forming a rape prevention security team with the rapist he unleashed to ravage his daughter.  So to speak.

Cyber Loser 1

And, of course, the predictable barrage of ridicule and shaming flooded upon the good king Baby-hands.  The deafening guffaws came from all around.  Even from his own Republican party:

LA Times –>

So, he threw away the old words and slipped some new ones in.

Nothing to see here, peasants.


Cyber Loser 2

No brains.

No honor.

No consistency.

No respectability.

No courage.


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Meet The NRA’s New Face of FEAR

Dana Loesch has apparently replaced disgraced singer Ted Nugent as the new face of their hate-propaganda. In the video of their newest propaganda advertisement, they have Loesch all but directly call out for members to utilize their “2nd Amendment Rights” to take up arms against anyone who dares oppose the Reich:  King Baby Hands and the festering will of the Nazi Legislature of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

If they can’t sneak it in while we sleep, they’ll put us all down and walk in a bill taking away all of our health care so the rich can get even richer.

Brave of you, Loesch.  Mama must be real proud.

VOX News released this video. They wrote a very informative article about the video, with a transcript of Loesch’s tersely-delivered manifesto.

VOX –>

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Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Still WPThe things our Con Artist-In-Chief tweets are meant to do one thing and that thing only.

Well, two things. The obvious: To rile up some really base, deplorable Tea-party, or Freedom Caucus fanboy dirtbags that Trump calls his base.

Secondly, and most importantly, Trump does it so the media can guide you around like a leashed doggie by it and no one pays any attention to the vile, oftentimes criminal, actions by which he is guiding our country into the crapper with.

This video is from this morning after a pretty disappointing (as per usual) tweet fit he vomited on Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski of Morning Joe. Don’t follow his lead. Ignore the vile obvious and focus instead on the nuts and bolts of the destructive policy BS he deals in.

Don’t be the predictable rube.


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