Better Chance Surviving a HOT War Zone

Deadly Year for Kids WP PREVIEW

A couple years back, I’d have said this was because Red States and Republicans had made it so. That THEY are solely to blame for this.

Now, it’s White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis taken over the “Grand Old Party.”  Under their leadership, Americans are the enemy of our own leaders.  They are actively exterminating our children.

Our beloved country is at war with her own citizens.

2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than deployed service members

Washington Post –>

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Republicans (GOP) F.A.I.L. (Again)


Trump is an illegitimate Fascist American autocratic douchenozzle.

BUT, the Republican Party (GOP) has been a rancid pool of Fascist amoebic pond scum. This much has been known (and fought against by the DNC-Democrats) since the early 1980’s).

Only difference now is that they’ve hired a Fascist clown mascot to mount a clown horse to pretend-lead them into an ages-old battle.

Trump Napoleon WP

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Another Lie from Trump’s Media Cow


Black and Blue Wave 2020 WP
Trump and everyone operating as one of his cowardly drones are lying pieces of steaming horse crap.

Here, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is caught lying about how Black Americans fared in job creation under President Obama compared to her Russian puppet-clown, Donald Trump.

According to the liar-cow, POTUS Obama created 195,000 jobs.

But, according to REALITY, as recorded by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic, Obama hooked brothas up with 15 times more than her BS claim.  Don’t bother doing the math figuring out how many jobs that is.  Magnana Mouse has you covered:

Liar Sarah Sanders Jobs Statistics

President Barack Obama created 3 million jobs for Black Americans.  He didn’t need to fund it with a  $2 Trillion giveaway to some corporate overlords.  The kind of giveaway that just bankrupted EVERY American.  Obama created 3 million jobs as he rescued America from the housing / banking crisis.  Remember that near great depression in 2008 when America came close to drowning?  The one dumped on America by the GREED and IRRESPONSIBILITY of the Republican Party and their corporate masters?

Yeah, that one.

Obama was able to make happen a bona fide miracle because he actually cares about America and American families.

SIDEBAR: Are you mad that Sanders was called a “cow” in the title. Well, let it be known that this would have been titled: “More BS from Trump’s Media Heifer.” But, turns out Sarah has birthed three young (heaven help them, my dear God). Heifers haven’t bred. Sarah Sanders is a COW.  And, be not the mad.  She’s not a “cow” because fat shaming.  She is morbidly obese.  That’s no secret.  She’s a cow because she’s trump’s pathetic livestock.  You know?  Like sheep?  She’s a cow.  Trump’s lying bigot cow.

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Democratic Primary Poster


Democrats Primary Poster - Biden WP

We have the original artist under contract for this one.  We loves us some Uncle Joe at the Mouse.  How could you not look to President Obama’s partner through the last great years of the U.S. Presidency and not feel pride and hope?

Oh, yes, we feel it.

But there’s a good chance this will be one in a series of all (most) of the pack’s steeds.  This is to be a poster series featuring a lot of the excellent field of 2020 Democratic primary contestants.

After today’s awesome Senate Barr grilling on the Judiciary spit, I think I’ll order up one with Kamala for the sequel poster.  How’s that sound?  Just keep your eyes peeled and on the Mouse!

EDIT 1 –  The 1st edit was supposed to be a Kamala Harris version.  But, the original needed an update.  The Biden profile just didn’t sit right.  So, here’s one that does.

Democrats Primary Poster - Biden WP PREVIEW (2)

EDIT 2 – Kamala Harris.  In honor of the BOSS performance in the Senate Bass hearing.

Kamala Democrat Poster WP


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Trump is a BioTerrorist

Stop Trump Bioterrorist NOW WP PREVIEW

Individual 1 is a BIO-TERRORIST. The sickest part about that sentence is that our illegitimate President is the traitorous POS who launched the deadly bioterrorism attack. And, pathetically, he launched it against his own base.

What the literal EFF?

Yeah, Individual 1 has launched a syphilis epidemic upon rural red state regions right here in the U.S.. As if decent Americans needed another reason to never smash with rednecks and other white nationalist Trumpie-types.

Salon –>

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Biden, Now, With Friggin Laser Beams!

Avengers Biden WP

Go with it.

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He Names like a 4th Grade Bully. You Can Do Better.

Trump Douchebag Nickname Contest WP

The image above is a screen-grab of an article from my news feed.  NBC is click-baiting a click-bait article grunting off Individual 1’s pathetic, PROJECTIVE (psychological projection at Wikipedia) nickname he has for his betters vying to unseat his obese, orange ass from his perch with Putin and McConnell.

Well, who cares what a geriatric orange pimple says about those out of his shameful caste’s reach?  The question to ask yourself is:


Please light up the comment section with your favs.  Winners will be chosen.  Oh yes, they will.  And, they will all be shoved right that bigoted scumbag’s stretched-out sphincter.

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