Charlie Rose Disappoints Us All

Charlie Rose WP

Another mighty tree fells itself.  Charlie Rose is without a doubt a sequoia in the forest of journalism.  Unfortunately for all of us, he is also a sick-a-more in the forest of creepy.  As of today, he has admitted to being a creepy old man who walke around naked around young, aspiring aides on his show.

Your first reaction (and the reaction of a couple people I know) is that this is a load of garbage.  A spitball from the Bannon swiftboat gunnery.  It’s neo-McCarthyism, the sexual deviant version.  While I think some of this is definitely going on (like with the Trump sycophant Leeann Tweeden), I can assure you that Charlie Rose is a creepy old dude who is milk past its due date left out in the sun.

Great video in the link below:

Washington Post –>–with-nudity-groping-and-lewd-calls/2017/11/20/9b168de8-caec-11e7-8321-481fd63f174d_story.html

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Teabaggers: Your Duty is to Beat Your Volvo Now

Buy Volvos Boxy But Good MMCM WP

They’re boxy, and now they’re perfect to take your baseball bat to if you’re a Donald trump loyalist who worships at the Sean Hannity altar.

You may recall Sean Hannity’s on-air coaching of a pedophile into a defense of his actions soliciting his little girl-rubbing exploits. You’ll probably remember how Hannity’s crazed trump sycophant loyalist viewers got hopped up on a FOX bandwagon and beat their covfefe makers to death after Keurig pulled their sponsorship of his show.

The Hill –>

The people who proudly beat coffee makers that they had allegedly already purchased may now be beating automobiles they have already purchased as well. Like a tiki-torch demolition ceremony. Not exactly a classic — or remotely effective — boycottin’.

The Hill –>

But, should make for some great videos of some severely touched neo-Nazis further harming their own self-interests. That’s always fun.

BTW, the Boxy Volvos poster above is from the 1990 Dudley Moore film “Crazy People.”

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Kneeling out of Respect for the Fallen

A lot has been said about Colin Kaepernick and what he was doing / wasn’t doing as our national anthem was playing that day he took a knee.

The rabid racist right wing took the trump administration lead and claimed that Colin was doing it to disrespect our military. To disrespect our glorious flag and Francis Scott’s song we adopted as our national anthem. People have been herded into an angry corral of race-hate and bitterness.

Unfortunately, like so many things coming out of the trump administration and the republican right, these people are being mislead by people who simply want to con people and divide Americans against one another.

In reality, Colin Kaepernick was influenced in his decision to take a knee by his friend — a decorated Green Beret, Nate Boyer.

kaepernick and Boyer WP –>

“Soldiers take a knee in front of a fallen brother’s grave, you know, to show respect. When we’re on a patrol, you know, and we go into a security halt, we take a knee, and we pull security.”

There was no disrespect intended towards anyone. It was a moment of silence meant to draw attention to the systematic racism inherent in the near-genocidal deaths of innocent black men and boys at the hands of white police officers. Murders that not a single one was prosecuted. It was a peaceful, respectful call for a wholesale change in our culture towards peace and a newfound love for fellow man.

The following video is from an episode of Real Time with Bill Maher that explains what the whole thing was and wasn’t about, and why good folk shouldn’t be judgemental and full of hate toward Colin Kaepernick because of this innocent and respectful protest.


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Trump: Lying Liar Lies About South Korea

Trump Douche Liar WP

Our illegitimate “president” just came back from his tour of having his little pee-pee mouth-fiddled by various  actual leaders and dictators, all of whom fear that if they didn’t suck and swallow with enough gusto, that our psychotic Russian agent would disrupt their existence with a stray nuke or equivalent weapon of mass genocide.

The whole tour was too much of a joke to even begin discussing here, but, it’s worth noting that trump thought he could get away with a gigantic lie without anyone complaining about it:  our micro-penis baby handed halfwit claimed that his trip to South Korea was the first time an American President had been there in 25 years.

Of course, our last actual President, BARACK OBAMA was there in May of 2016.  That’s a little bit less than a quarter century.  Little-man is attempting to distinguish his visit from Presidents Obama, Bush, and the 1st legitimate Clinton by calling his visit to Seoul a “state” visit, but that’s not an official distinction.  It just means that Trump demanded marching bands and color guards to stroke his fragile ego.

Still a compulsive liar.  Still an illegitimate dictator of a wannabe monarch.  And, still Putin’s little bitch.

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Gapitol Hill?

Gapitol Hill Logo

In the spirit of Republicans privatizing everything to make everything a means for the wealthy to further stuff their pockets with more and yet more money at the peoples’ expense, they recently shoved through a measure to privatize the very halls of Congress. In a 3am vote with not a single Democrat present, Trump Teapublicans approved the very re-name of the chambers to “Gapitol Hill” on a straight party vote.

Unfortunately for the board of directors and the GPS shareholders, the Senatorial candidate from Alabama — the pedophile clown cowboy Roy Moore is still banned from all Gap stores.   Unfortunately, this glaring conflict of interest just tanked the whole deal

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Collusion for Dummies. Wait. By Dummies.

Trump NO COLLUSION Tweet wp

Trump has trademarked the “No Collusion” moniker.  You would almost think that he believes it.  Unfortunately for him, that kind of all came crashing down, today.  And, it didn’t even take a special counsel to break it wide open.

In a nutshell, Russia hacked the DNC servers and Trump and his own oligarch masters distributed the stolen info (emails) to Wikipedia, from where Trump Junior discriminated the creepy secret dark web backdoor link to the hacked docs to the Trump faithful.  We’ll let you parse through the details, but, suffice to say that Trump’s silly claim that he didn’t collude with the Russians to steal the 2016 US Presidential election just sent up in dumpster fire smoke.

The Guardian –>

We don’t often bathe in cheap beer, but when we do  . . .

Its Mueller Time WP

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PBS and Trump in Russia’s Sock

Frontline - Trump Putin Cock Sock WPe o

Last week’s Frontline on PBS wasn’t actually named Putin:  Trump’s Cock-Sock, although Russia certainly does own Trump’s little micro-penis.  The above title is kind of a cross between fake news and creative freedom.  But, the episode is very real and worth a watch.

PBS Frontline Pt1 –>

PBS Frontline Pt2 –>

In two parts that aired on Oct 25th and Nov 1st, it tells the story of how Putin and Russia’s FSB intelligence service worked with Donald Trump and the US Republican establishment to throw the 2016 presidential election.  But, it goes much deeper than the story of last year’s op.  It traces Putin’s rise to power from his early days in the KGB and Yeltsin’s handing him the keys to the rusty, fallen empire.  As usual, PBS flirts with another Emmy nomination for its documentary production.

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