Stoopid Spice SNL Promos

Spicy Spice McCarthy On Street WP

Tomorrow night is a stellar one for SNL. Melissa McCarthy — who plays Sean Spicer brilliantly — hosts the episode. So, a lot more of Melissa.

For those who don’t remember, she isn’t always a less impish Sean Spicer. As can be appreciated in this lovely promo that NBC got Lorne Michaels to do. Which I am sure they are a million x grateful:

And, in a brilliant move, SNL had McCarthy saddle up the ol’ podium and give it a spin around the streets in front of 30 Rock. Of course, it was phone-cam’d proper. I have a feeling SNL filmed it too, and we’ll be seeing it in a Saturday skit.

And, you didn’t think that was going to be all, did you? It’s not.

In another promo for the show, NBC released edits of an interview between Melissa McCarthy and Vanessa Bayer:

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Criminal Subpoenas are Flowing

It sucks that they’re charging a subscription, now, but, really, it’s worth it, and our 4th estate is really worthy of giving back a little bit of how much it’s given you.

Anyway, the Wall Street Journal.

Comey Fallout WP

This story breaks the issuing of criminal subpoenas in the Flynn case at the same time the Congressional Intelligence committees are issuing their own. This article further explains exactly what’s going on in this ever more-complicate story.

Wall Street Journal –>



Make calls.  Do whatcha do, how ya do.  If you need a hand, let me know!

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Vive Macron-ena

Well, congrats to Emmanuel Macron. To Democracy. And, to Western Civilization as a whole.

You all know about centrist Emmanuel Macron defeating Trump’s Fascist Party ally Marine Le Pen, and how he’s already helping his liberal legislative allies bolster numbers to cement their victory.

CNN –>

In France, the celebration for Macron’s victory was molten excitement like the celebration at the fact that Marine Le Pen and her Fascist dirtbag reich are again relegated to the shadows.

Macron Celebration WP

This isn’t an op-ed written to pretend to be breaking any news.

Not up in here today, peeps.

Instead, graciously accept this celebratory tribute video to Emmanuel Macron and the heroic people who stood up as one and saved the world. It’s the Brazilian version of the Macarena with clips of the French electorate dancing in the streets.

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Another Liberal Nail in TrumpCo Coffin

MoonJae Macron WP

In just a couple days, the world has made a thing out of electing anyone ideologically disconnected from Donald Trump. The other day, Trump and Putin’s Nazi gal-pal Adolfie La Pen was flushed handily by the French, and today, South Korea denied Trump’s right-wing Axis of douchebag candidate and voted in the liberal candidate, Moon Jae-in.

The Guardian –>

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#MAGA – Take Back the Night Version

MAGA is a thing.  It’s an alt-acronym.  M.A.G.A..

Make America Great Again.  That dog-whistle phrase that calls on a return to Jim Crow-era Klan-sharia laws (Wikipedia).  Nice.  The kind of dog whistle that got some now-forgotten Virginia senator makaka’d into historical irrelivance (Youtube).


Well, it’s time we take back the word.  In the spirit of fed-up college students who were sick and tired of being sexually assaulted and “took back the night,” let’s take back an acronym.  If for no other reason than to piss off a bigot.

MAGA is such an effeminate term — like VAG — that this is kind of the resistance’s way of reaching out and grabbing a pussy.

So, do it.  Use the Hashtag #MAGA with photos of mothers at rallies and town halls sick and tired of men legislating what they can and can’t do to their bodies.  Tired of old white men taking their healthcare from them and leaving them destitute and homeless.

#MAGA:  Mama’s Are Gettin’ ANGRY!

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Russia’s Coup d’état Rears Head Again

Hacked Machines WP

Must give a preemptive hat tip to Bill Palmer – Editor in chief and feature writer for the Daily News Bin –> Palmer has diligently been reporting on the physical hack of voting systems in swing states that upset the presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor. The media establishment was focusing on simple ties between Trump cabinet members and various Russians while Bill Palmer was reporting on major irregularities in the physical voting machinery.

It was brushed off and ignored by major networks until just now as a Freedom of Information Act request verified and bolstered Palmer’s thesis.

I won’t go into the details here, because Palmer has already done it in a well-organized and impeccably-sourced article:

Palmer Report –>

A spoiler-tease, though, it turns out that effing Betsy DeVos-linked RUSSIAN voting machines threw the election in Michigan, just for starters. Dig in, friends.

And, now, as you feel the pressure as you hold on to your faith and your Peter Pan advice and the piper feels like he’s comin’ callin, here’s a great song to bask in as it heats up. From, the Nylon Curtain.

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A Grand Jury, You Say?

RIP Jordan Edwards

So, in Dallas, a car full of innocent children drives away and an unhinged Klansman in a police uniform opens fire on it, murdering a 15 year-old little boy.  Murderer is charged with murder and is arrested.


But, wait, what?  Grand jury gets to decide if murderer even goes to trial for the murder?

There’s a chance that klansman murderer walks scot-free because some asshole who passed the bar exam gets to find fellow-klansmen to agree that the black kid was guilty of breathing-while-black?

New York Times –>

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