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Colin Kaepernick Wasn’t Protesting America, Genius

When one protests institutional bigotry, they aren’t protesting America. They’re protesting bigotry and hate. But, you knew that, didn’t you. [VIDEO] Continue reading

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Trump’s Brilliant Tax Relief Plan

The Best of Trevor Noah and Bill Maher on Trump’s Tax con job. Continue reading

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Dog Midbrain Communication – RYAN VS THE CLOWN PACK

Short and to the point:  Maher nails it. Thanks to D’Mused for ripping this for me.  Takes a village.

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D-Day is Judgment Day is Election Day is Upon Us

“It’s Election Day. Time’s up. Get out and help save yourself. Your Community. Your country and the world. Vote. Vote Straight Democratic Party.” Continue reading

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The News, it burns.

A lot of you know I assist in the dissemination of news stories and humbly assist in the birth and sewing of important memes through Facebook groups. This blog has kind of suffered as a separate source of publication for … Continue reading

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