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Trump Brownshirts Mole into Facebook Safe Places

Witness a Trump douche-mole out himself. Continue reading

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Bye, Boy

More likely, Bye, Bot. Continue reading

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All Your Mail are Belong to Us

In a swarm of breaking news today, this may seem less important. Give it a couple days. Continue reading

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Facebook Gestapo: “Papers, Please.”

So, I’m off Facebook. The addiction cut quick. Why on earth would you do that? Well, it wasn’t my choice. I needed a nudge in the right direction. But, I digress.

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The News, it burns.

A lot of you know I assist in the dissemination of news stories and humbly assist in the birth and sewing of important memes through Facebook groups. This blog has kind of suffered as a separate source of publication for … Continue reading

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Teabagging Libertarian Calls for Assassination of “Nigger Monkey Obama”

Did Charles Manson just call for the assassination of our “fucking monkey” President?  Well, it *was* a Manson, but it wasn’t one who attempts to kill a few Americans at a time.  It was a Tea Party Manson. Charles was … Continue reading

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