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Trump Hosts National Socialist Rally in Kansas City

KC IQ drops a full collective 3 points following his incoherent face-crapping into that poor mic. Continue reading

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White House Press BS Machine on a Loop

Pray this sociopathic Trump Propaganda Sow didn’t breed [VIDEO] Continue reading

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BREAKING: Truth in Hillary Classified Email on Rogue Server?

I meant: Broken. BS accusations by bitter Nazi propagandist wnnabes in the Republican echo machine have no more validity than their Big Oil arguments against taking responsibility for our culpability in causing Global Climate Change. They tried to create a … Continue reading

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“Congressional Reform Act of 2011” [BUSTED] [UPDATE1]

The following graphic has been circulating around Facebook the past couple of days.  Thing is, like all of the material unleashed on the FOX-washed base that fishes to confuse Progressives, it’s based on almost comic misunderstanding of our Congress and … Continue reading

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