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Thurdsay Oct 28th 2011

In a ploy to prove they’re not racists, the Teabag army proved they are. This is just too comical to pass up. The pizza guy claims he doesn’t have anything to do with it, but that he thinks it’s just A-OK with him. Sigh. (

Wednesday Oct 27th 2011

Elizabeth Warren is turning out to be a much-needed and much-welcomed advocate for consumer rights and the 99%. A true progressive. But, there’s something that might surprise you. Future Democratic Senator Warren used to be a Republican. Oh, the humanity! Shows that it’s OK to leave your party when it leaves YOU.  (


Thursday Oct 20th 2011

Here’s a rather comic graphic representation of Herman Cain’s999 plan and what it would actually do to tax rates. Derek Thompson from the Atlantic shares a stunning graph made by Jared Bernstein. Definitely worth the pass-around. Note to self: Don’t plagiarize economic plans from Sim City. (

When a psychotic dominionist evangelical is given say in our government’s care, they don’t let you screw no mo’. Santorum (Google him) has said as much: “The whole sex idea. Many Christians say: ‘well, contraception’s okay.’ It’s not okay. It’s a license to do the sex, counter to how things are supposed to be: within marriage, for purposes that are, yes, procreative.” (Watch it at 17:48) (VID:

Anderson Cooper moderated for CNN at the fascist debate, claiming 47% of American pay no taxes — a hat tip to his bud Erick Erickson and his 53% wannabe plutocrat movement. Sick that fascist candidates would say it, inexcusable that CNN would. 47% of US households don’t pay federal income taxes –very different. ATTENTION: ALL networks are 1% Corporatist controlled. (

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