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Shiny Object Syndrome

Don’t Follow Trump’s Shiny Object Divergence from the Chaos and Disorder he Sows to Line his Pockets. Continue reading

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So, Who Bowed to an Arab King, Now?

You may remember a Right Wing Fake News magazine kind of getting it wrong …. Continue reading

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Excuse me, Appeaser?

Excuse me, did I hear that, correctly? Bill? Did you just say that this micro-penis compensation king of bad hair — this sexual assaulting “pussy grabber” white supremacist woman-hater may walk proudly in John F. Kennedy’s shoes? Bill, have you … Continue reading

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Coup Against a Coup

Imagine, young Lennon grasshoppa, a planned coup against a Fascist coup of the Divided States of America. Continue reading

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Child Trump Drags Poo into the Kitchen . Ewww. Ignore the poop.

Don’t waste time on Donald Trump. He won’t get the Republican nomination, and were he to somehow steal and BS his way into the slot, we should all wait and aim weapons at him in the general. No use wasting … Continue reading

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It Ain’t Just Trump.

It’s easy to brush off the sad ego-whorish depravity of Donald Trump along with the demographic that laps it up off the heels of his shoes after he’s stepped in it. But, it isn’t Trump. This xenophobic and racist hate-drive … Continue reading

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