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Dawn of a New Era

Every year before 2016 is BT. Before Trump. We are in year 1 of AI. After Impeachment. Cos’ it’s coming. Continue reading

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GOP 2.0

We have been concerned for so long with the tea-drunken idiots and christo-fascists on the fringe of the Republican Party that we’ve lost sight of the darkness at the heart of the GOP that fuel all of its legislative darkness: it’s Libertarian trunk. Continue reading

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The Medicaid Gap

A lot of people who have settled in various BLUE states and have through the natural course of life, become sick — become disabled — would love to move back home and closer to the families they once left to … Continue reading

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Dog Midbrain Communication – RYAN VS THE CLOWN PACK

Short and to the point:  Maher nails it. Thanks to D’Mused for ripping this for me.  Takes a village.

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VICTORY! Planned Parenthood Lives, The Orange Boner Shrivels!

VICTORY! Senate Democrats, bolstered by our #WeWontGoBack Twitter-bomb yesterday, has prevented the GOP from ripping healthcare from MILLIONS of women, ruining the Republican Party’s “SHUT IT DOWN” hostage-taking of the US economy. And, there are MAJOR reverberations in D.C.. The … Continue reading

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Almost Fooled By a Trickle-Down Would-be King

I was reared a Republican. I saw the light as a university junior after a tenure as a very annoying student government leader with firm roots in Young Republicans. Another story for another time or none. This preface brings me … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

“No one has ever accused Republicans of having a good head on their shoulders. Boo.” Continue reading

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