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Sorry, Donald, We See You Really Care

Lady and the Tramp Stamp. Make America Gag Again. Continue reading

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Healthcare Grand Theft 2.0

RESIST Republican theft of our Healthcare. Save your family! Continue reading

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The Flushed Legacy of the Former Maverick

Video of John McCain’s Maverick legacy being flushed for ensuring that millions of Americans lose their healthcare as his is safe. Continue reading

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Feast Your Eyes on Trumpcare

Empty the pooper-scooper in between two slices of Wonder Bread and you got yourself a big S#it Sandwich. Now, eat up, peasants. Continue reading

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If Pregnant Little Ladies Like it . . .

The Trump Reich props up a pregnant lady to make it seem less like a greasy old man just raped an entire country. Continue reading

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The Don’t Care HealthCare Republiplan

Time for a quick study of the voting results in the TrumpCareDontCare shame-fest before going in to battle. Continue reading

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He Loves You Like the Baby Jesus

Have Faith in your orange God. That’s all you have to do. The Orange Jesus loves you. He will save you. Believe Him. Continue reading

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Democrats’ VA Drive to Ensure All Vets Have Healthcare

The Republican Party is hell-bent on getting us into another preemptive war. Iran, this time. Poison the peace treaty and follow Benjamin Netanyahu’s right wing government into unnecessary war. Isn’t that just how they do it, these chickenhawk Neoconservative Republicans: … Continue reading

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